Our sustainable packaging

Our sustainable packaging

You will receive your new cap safely in a box and bag. Want to know more about it?


Our shipping boxes are completely recyclable. They are also made of 60 % recycled material. To make the most of it we are also encouraging you to reuse it any way that you can. In a case of return you can also ship your order back to us in the same box that you received it.

 Sustainable packaging


Your cap will safely arrive in biodegradable bag. You can safely dispose it and it will slowly degrade. To make the most of it, you can also reuse it! It is very convenient for storing any of your things.



hand embossed clothing tag

Because this is a full package. And we made sure you get your cap with tag, made with love. Our tags are hand embossed and put on with 100 % cotton string.



plantable card

Saving the best for last. Because it is a little gift from us to you! Your package will contain a special note that will keep on giving... you just need to put it in planter with soil and water it. Soon you will see precious wildflowers growing and making your heart happy.❤️

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